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The Naughty Witch is a digital and community-driven mental health project and together we build the tribe. But we haven't built the village yet and we need all the helping hands we can get whether you are qualified via personal experience of surviving domestic violence, childhood trauma or honour crimes or you have a passion for helping those who have, we would love for you to become part of the tribe or to pass by and help build the village.

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Yes! We offer journalist internships in our non-profit women’s

health organisation. Our team extends great effort into turning

us into an official organisation with support from other

established organisations.

If you become part of the team, you have your own personal page

(page 6 for preview) featuring your photo, information,

biography and articles that you wrote.

Please send an introductory e-mail with your photo, biography

and finally your personal manifesto. Your manifesto is your

legacy. What legacy do you want to leave behind for young girls

and women who need a friend when they are in despair? What life

experiences will you draw from when you offer your help to

other women? Who are you and what’s your story?

Example: “Hi my name is xxxx and I’m a naughty witch because...”

E-mail your introduction:

After your introductory e-mail, we’ll set up a Skype meeting or

more e-mail exchanges to get to know one another and find out

how you can contribute as part of the team.

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