"I can take it from here" You don't need to fight anymore

We will find true healing once we look into our little boy or little girl and tell him or her: "Hey I am sorry I tried to take credit for what you survived. I am thankful that your innocence and youth kept us alive" then humbly kneel at their feet and ask them "How do you want me to tell your story to the world?" and that’s where your life purpose is.

I am full as I am. But I have been given the best parts of me to those who will take but never fill the cup they drank from me. And when I started meeting healthy loving people I knew what love is

"People can’t love you if you don’t love yourself" is the most toxic shit in the world.

If people cannot love someone because that some doesn’t love themselves those people are takers, not givers. So cut them loose.

The secret is to have a lover in every city

I wore that hijab because I was a lollipop keeping the flies from touching my body. But they touched my body too. With punches, kicks and bruises. So there was no alignment with their teachings and their actions.

And since I was reduced to a body everyday in the Islamic schools, I learned that all I could offer the world was my body and my beauty by hiding it only until my future husband came along. But when he came along and when we had our marriage and he refused to force me to cover they deemed him a worthless scum. And when we got divorced they deemed me a used up woman. So even in marriage and after marriage they deemed me a whore. As a little 7 year old they deemed me a future whore in training who had to be disciplined into her role as a future whore. And as a teenager

I was a whore even though I was a shy girl hiding in her room. I was a whore when I left the house. I was a whore inside the house. I was a whore when I slept. I was a whore when I was a wake. I was a whore when I

And when I finally became a whore they told me "Told you so"

And when I became an attractive woman my light has started attracting the flies and I allowed the flies to enter me to send a message to those who gave me life - like a perverted SOS signal.

If a guy you’re dating calls his ex a bitch

then invite his ex over for a tea and get rid of the guy.

You got yourself a new friend, a babe in total control of herself

You are introduced to the world of sex before you are ready

Your mind is perverted and infiltrated before you can defend yourself

Islam is what taught me about sex

It taught me that a woman is nothing but a body

It taught me that a woman only has her body to give

In the kitchen where she cooks

In the bed where she seduces

And in the corners where she is punched

Unless a woman was raped into pregnancy

Then a woman is 100% responsible for every single toxic man

Behind every toxic man is a mother who destroyed him

Unless this mother was raped into pregnancy

Mothers are 100& responsible for everything

I did the experiment and I failed

Because the experiment was set to fail

Isolating yourself in the place that haunted you

Is not a proper form of therapy

You cannot heal inside the places that harmed you

Leave the environment so you don’t catch pneumonia

Meditation and therapy can be a form of victim blaming

Because asking someone to look within when they are surrounded by an outside war is delusional, it is not rooted in reality and it is blaming the victim. It is a society’s way of escaping responsibility.

Society is emotionally unavailable

Society is a fuck boy / fuck girl

Tinder me this:

Dating coaches can be light workers or they can be a source of venom in your life.

Because the dating coaches will teach the fragile minds who to form a romance with

and a romance will lead to children and if those two found each other but they are both snakes then they have given birth to an innocent child having their innocence

sucked out of them. Parents are shaped in a relation between two people. So absofuckinglutely does it matter what is being taught by "dating coaches"

And absofuckinglutely does it matter that if you haven’t healed your traumas, then stay the hell away from dating. Because you shouldn’t get yourself or get someone pregnant. Every thick belly with a baby inside of it carries the responsibility of the future generation. So close your womb until you have closed your wound.

A lover in every city

What a pity

That sister missed him in Paris

His lover

Emotionally unavailable

If you keep attracting unavailable men

it is because they match your energy

You are the emotionally unavailable one

And you are meeting men who are your match

Once you understand why you are emotionally stunted

You start attracting healthy men who will choose you

Because you have chosen yourself

When people ask you to trust God or the universe,

that is a synonym for "I love you"

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