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Whether you're a natural or transitioned woman you want to feel connected to your feminine. The feminine is the most powerful, seductive and delicious energy in the world! I want you to become a master of your feminine after this article. I want you to tap into your feminine power and unlock the juiciest part of yourself.

Tonight I want you to seduce yourself and become your best lover!

Dancing queen


If you want a shortcut to connecting to your feminine dancing is the ultimate path. Go take some classes either local or online. The most feminine dances include bellydance and ballet. Bellydance has ancient roots and there is a reason why in cultures where the feminine presence is suppressed that bellydance is also suppressed. Because it's a dangerously seductive dance. Seduce yourself. Don't worry about the mirror. Don't even look in the mirror. You have to start somewhere right? Just put on some oriental music, warm up your hips and dance your evening away!

Seductive taste


Show me someone who doesn't eat their cakes slow and seductive and I will show you someone who needs a hug! Even if you have decided to eat only fresh fruit and cut out refined sugar, which I have done various times in my life, you can still eat your strawberries seductively. Do it in the privacy of your own home, eat slower, savour every single bite, enjoy the details of your food, create fresh and homemade food and you will find yourself a happy tongue!

Connect with nature


Honestly, if by now you don't have a tribe of animals that you can summon with your basic witch tears, I don't know what you're waiting for. Start by going for walks in the forest and hand out some business cards to those animals whose path you cross and suggest them to become your go-to-therapists in exchange for snacks. Just like Snow White minus the snacks. Nature is our original home and the best place to connect with your feminine. Think of the flowers, the trees, the bushes. All of nature is the essence of the feminine energy surrounding us.

Sleeping beauty


I don't care what anybody tells you. Sleeping is a form of meditation!