I don't want idolisation

I don't want unconditional love

I want your love to come with boundaries

Ones that I will memorise and respect

I want your love of me to come after your love of you

That is the grandest compliment

What more is flattery

Than to be loved by those who love themselves

I want you to kneel to your knees only to bring me back up

Not to rot in your own pit of pity at the expense of my parade

Don't rain on my parade

I want you to dance to the tune of me

Only after you have waltzed me to your own melody

I want you to make me part of your world

Because if you made me your world

I would know that you are a user

An impending abuser

Not a very seductive lover

One who seeks supply

Not one who will supply

So take back that "I love you"

Until you can walk in my shoes

And see you

Through the eyes of me

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