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Dear everyone,

Unfortunately this story won’t be light hearted but needed to be shared.

In 2017 a little orphan boy from China called Huxley found light at the end of the tunnel when he was adopted by the Stauffer family in America. That is the narrative we were sold. But Huxley wasHis little smile decorated the family photos of his new family. Huxley suffers from autism which has made it difficult to find him a family. When the Stauffer family took him in, they made a very public and very bold statement that they were aware of the difficulty of taking care of a handicapped child and that they did not need to be lectured by the loud and concerned voices in their audience, including medical professionals.

She duct taped his fingers because he was sucking his thumbs. Huxley has severe abandonment issues and like any baby he sucks on his thumb to soothe himself. In the video the adoptive Myka Stauffer is seen mocking Huxley and telling him to stop throwing tantrums, while she's filming his duct taped thumbs.

The Huxley family became an almost overnight sensation and gained thousands of view because they embarked on their new journey of adopting a child with a handicap. They were ready to love this little boy unconditionally — they claimed.

The Stauffer family afforded the adoption fee through their subscribers. We helped fund Huxley’s adoption because we were foolishly sold on the promise of a loving family. Last week the Stauffer put out a video explaining that they have given Huxley away to another family because they could no longer handle Huxley's handicaps claiming that they had no prior knowledge to the severity of Huxley's handicaps. However, those of us, who have followed Huxley's journey know that Myka Stauffer was deliberately shopping for a baby with a disability to adopt as she asked for "which disabilities were easiest to manage in children" in a Facebook adoption group questionnaire.

Last night news articles have come out stating that police in Delaware and Ohio have opened an investigation on where Huxley is. Up until these headlines, we had no clue that police departments had the concern that Huxley was missing. The Stauffer family's actions have disgraced the Asian community, who are currently mourning the start of a devastating pandemic and a rise of hate crime against them. They have disgraced the autism community sending a loud message that children with disabilities and handicaps are not worthy of patience and unconditional love. And finally they have disgraced children who already suffer from abandonment, in adoption centres and foster care, that they can be given a short taste of hope and family and then be discarded by that family once they regret adopting a disabled child.

We're asking child services and the police department in Delaware to seek justice for Huxley, to ensure his safety and that his re-adoption will take place in a public and official adoption centre (not the private adoption centre that the Stauffer family have appointed. We're also asking all companies who are currently affiliated with the Stauffer family to please boycot the family and finally we're asking for Youtube to remove all monetization of the Satuffer family's Youtube channel.

This case has stirred outrage amongst the adoption community as well as thousands of others.