Happy international Roma day!

Let's not sugarcoat things. When most think of "witches" they think of "gypsies" and when they think of "gypsies" they think of "the roma" and they have all kinds of associations such as "scma artist" or "thief" or "dirty people" The same hurtful rhetoric that once systematically haunted the Jewish community.

I knew right away that calling our movement "The Naughty Witch" would trigger associations of "the mystical gypsy women" and magic and all sorts of stereotype of Roma people. You know why I knew that? Because it was always included in the communication from others. "Haha, that sounds like some gypsy magic"

I am so proud to come from where I come from. Not a geographical or patriotic pride but a cultural pride. I am proud to have ching-chong eyes (not my own rhetoric but a rhetoric that has been thrown at me by people attempting it as a petty insult rather than a lovely compliment)

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