The Naughty Witch Wiki

Welcome to the holy scripture of Witchism. Please only read this page when you have time as you cannot skip the parts.

First we begin with the ten commandments of witchism and later we dive into the religion itself.

If ever there was a physical example of a naughty witch it would have been my friend Tara Fares. She was committed to her path of self love and was showing the world how radical self love can transform the world and manifest world peace.

The Ten Commandment of Witchism
1) A witch must recite the witchionary
2) A witch must study the witchipedia
3) A witch must commit witchery
4) A witch must not commit bitchery
5) A witch must commit to their path of self love 
6) A witch must commit to loving all of Mother Earth's creatures
7) A witch must commit to raising the positive vibes of Mother Earth
8) A witch must honour the tribal motto of "Witches fly in flock"
9) A witch must honour the magic of their inner child 
10) A witch must commit to radical authenticity - never fake a smile or an orgasm