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Hey witch, what's up? I'm The Naughty Witch who is a fictional author written by a community of witches. But careful, sometimes I go rogue. This is now officially your delicious, magical, sacred archive of witches who have refused to be tamed by the cultural prison they were born in. If you're here for sugarcoated content, go to the candy store.


Years ago I purchased a domain named but didn't think further about it until after the honour killing of my friend Tara Fares on September 27, 2018 whom I shared a short friendship with where we met online and often connected over our love for video games and women's rights liberation of women in the MENA region. Tara was the sweetest angel, her charm was like no other and she always knew how to disarm the entire world. Her brand of activism was one of positivity, light, fun, rainbows, laughter and long hours of Fortnite! Had the world only known her as more than an obituary, the world would have been a brighter place.

Tara and I had planned to meet for a project I was creating but had no name for, unknown to me that the name was already there, I already had the domain name and a brand was born out of an all-consuming and angry fire inside me that was ignited on that September 2018 and has consumed my mind since. Since then the witch tribe has expanded and I am lucky to be surrounded by inspired voices who are on the same mission.

Our mission is to build a bridge between girls and women from all walks of life and around the world both in the Western and the East and the Northern and the Southern world. Wherever you turn, a woman who cannot be tamed is a witch in every century.

But I had a disdain for the feminist movement as I have often experienced it become a marginalisation of young boys and men, which is not a movement I want to ascribe my name to. So I decided to build a new brand of feminism, one that doesn't pretend to seek equality but to correct inequality and here's the difference:

Feminism is a tool, like a hammer. I don't call myself a feminist because I don't want to claim a tool as my identity. I want to manifest a world where that tool once upon a day will no longer be needed, so if I manifest feminism as an identity I have already sent out a message to the Universe that I don't really believe in the liberation of women, do I? Instead I want to hold feminism up as a hammer, as a tool, one that is only needed when nails are sticking out.

And if ever the hot topics of discussions are mansplaning and manspreading, then I can be rest assured that I need to put that hammer down and go somewhere else where more important nails are sticking out such as honour killings and stoning and forced marriage and religious compulsion in other arenas.

Now this is not the same as saying that we need to put out the torch of feminism in the Western world or that feminism has run its course in the West because crimes like honour killings, sexual assault and other violent crimes towards girls and women, both born and transitioned, are also happening in the West. So there is no geographical mapping of where the tool of feminism belongs.

It's more of a zeitgeist thing.


She's the unhealed little girl in you and me, raised by a  society that turns her unique into flaws, suck her colours out  and wants to convert her from naughty witch to wallflower.  

Women and Mother Earth have endured a lot of violence.  

The Naughty Witch is a non-profit women’s health organisation  launched by two sisters in spirit who sat with a passion to do  something about that violence. We want to help-help girls and  women and by help-help we mean, not only talk about things but  talk about how we can do more than just talk about things.  

Our organisation focuses on mental and social health and with  the use of our digital platform ( we offer  a safe space for any woman with internet access to reach out.  

Our current goal is to strengthen the position of women in the  Western world - and be there to support each other. Domestic  violence and public harassment still happens in the West,  women are still stoned to death and harassed in the East.  

Our future goal is to push for social change within the  corners of the wold where human rights are not granted (forced  marriage, domestic violence and honour crimes) as well as  build that bridge between Western and Eastern women.

After all, witches fly in flock!


So you're curious now and wonder how you can contribute to the tribe? Become a witch of course!

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