The Naughty Witch Wiki


Welcome to the temporary home of The Naughty Witch here on Fandom.

The Naughty Witch is digital mental health movement rooted in domestic violence, childhood trauma and modesty culture. This is now officially your delicious, magical, sacred space on the internet where you go when you need a big sister to cheer you up or get your emotions in check. I'm the Naughty Witch, the fictional author written by the witches who made me. To become a witch, apply here. But careful, sometimes I go rogue. If you're here for sugarcoated content, go to the candy store.

It is the encyclopedia of black sheep such as yourself. It is your own witchipedia with a diverse curation of art projects, collaborations, interviews of inspirational people and articles written to help you dive deeper into the mind of survivors of childhood trauma, domestic violence and modesty culture.

Since we're planning world domination of course we own the official website of and in the meantime we are using this Fandom community as our temporary home to build the community.