The Naughty Witch Wiki

Who made Urban Dictionary boss, huh?! We have our own terminology and it's time that you memorise:

1) Witchionary


2) Witchipedia

Duh x 2....

3) Witchery

The qualities that make someone worth appearing on your website

4) Witchism

A coming religion mixing the old with the new. So not really a new age religion but totally a cult! Duh!

5) Hey broomer


6) Big wand energy

It is what it is...

7) Wandavision

You knew... ehm... what a wand resembles? OK so when you really want a wand.... then you got wandavision

8) Wandalism

Example: When you tried to cast a spell on your crush and he ends up marrying someone else.

9) Witch please

When he uses feminism to ask you out on a date

10) What the frog?!

Seriously, like what the frog?!