I want to start off by stating that I don't believe in the virtue signalling of becoming an ally for the transgender community. First and foremost, because I don't like virtue signalling and second and upmost because I don't believe in the collective brain of transgender people. If we want to become allies to transgender people we have to stop treating them as a collective and start viewing them as independent people because that's what they are.

Transgender people transitioned into a different gender, they didn't gather into a collective. Becoming part of a collective is the choice of the individual, not the choice of those claiming to be allies.

I was a transphobic person. Or let's be specific: Transphobia was planted in my head due to religious indoctrination and that is what made me afraid of transphobic people. My first encounter with a transgender person was in a sex shop that I had snuck into while I was underage (15 or so) and I wanted to buy a gothic collar for a photoshoot I was doing.

I was looking for the shopkeeper and in my quick eye scan I lay my eyes upon a beautifully rounded ass where the face is hidden in the cupboard trying to look for something. "Excuse me?" The ass is surprised to hear my voice and the face appears. It's not a face that I expected to me. Is that a man or a woman? I'm so embarassed. But the damage is done. The face has registered my facial expression.

The face responds to me "It's OK baby. Don't be confused" and that was my first introduction to a transgender person.

It wasn't until I worked in a gay club as a performer that I was properly introduced to transgenderism and cross-dressing and drag queens and my phobic mind was infiltrated by the wonderful diaspora of individuals, whose journeys I had not been a part of but I wanted to hear their stories. I wanted to understand them. My so called "phobia" became a fascination. I gained empathy. What was happening inside my body is that I experienced empathy towards this individual in front of me.

And my tolerance and empathy for that group of individuals lit the match of my tolerance and empathy for other groups of individuals.

I was never a fake woke ally of transgender people. I have never virtue signalled for the so called "transgender community" I always found it so fake and I have never heard from any transgender friend that they feel less marginalized thanks to the woke internet's #transgender activism. In fact, they feel more and more erased because their voices are getting silenced by those who claim to speak on their behalf.

If I accidentally use the wrong pronoun, I will no longer nervously apologize. Because I trust that the person in front of me understands that it was a mistake. I remember I read an article from a person with down syndrome, that he felt more bullied by those who refused to make jokes about him than those who did joke about him. It was the most fascinating article showing how if you treat someone as if they should get some special treatment, that you should tread carefully around them and filter what you say around them, then you cannot claim to be inclusive of them. Because you are treating them like an infectious diseases or at least that's how you are behaving around them when you constantly apologize for your existence around their existence. You cannot give special treatment to those you want to include. And I do not want to treat minorities like they are a fragile little thing whom I should look down upon or be careful around because that would be inauthentic, that would be disrespectful, that would be serving my own ego to win some #woke points, that would paint transgender people as weak and fragile and they need to be protected some imaginary collective of heros coming to save the day and speak on behalf of the transgender people while ignoring the plight of them.

I have no doubt that there is a collective plight of transgender people but it is one that is yet to be heard because we too are transitioning. We are transitioning into a world that includes more and more identities and we all fumble in the darkness from time to time so let's not pretend that we're carrying the torch of people who can carry it themselves.

K thanks, byyyyeeee!


The Naughty Witch

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