Oh you’re so weary. Compassion fatigue. You feel nausea because you feel everything all at once. Turn off the news. Put yourself in fatal position. Mean world syndrome is a real deal.

You’re such a kitten. You love to play but od have mercy on the person who steps on your paws.

A mn asking for the benefit of doubt is a man who always knew what he was doing in the first place without a doubt. And that to me is a master manipulator.

If he hates his mother, he hates women.

You build this vetting process of bullshittery.

I was lolita for a while. and then I was the madonna whore. But I was in one relationship, one marriage, one love and I stayed celibate afterwards.

I was married to a business man and it was difficult because I wanted to explore the mountains and climb the trees and he was always so busy. He was sitting their in our home office working and working and he taught me about all these adult things but I wanted to be a child, I wanted to catch up on childhood, he couldn’t catch up with me so I explored the mountains and climbed the trees by myself. And this old woman in our neighbourhood, who had never given me any unsolicited advice, called me one day and said "Get your ass down those mountains and come back to your husband. That man really loves you"

People had this idea that I was a princess on a pedestal demanding expensive things. But I didn’t really care about those things. I

And he took care of us. He provided for us and life was good. But I didn’t want material things. I wanted to play. I wanted the adventure. So he sent me off on adventures alone. I stayed faithful. We both stayed faithful. I know that in my heart. I know that in his heart. Our fidelity was a selfish thing! We respected ourselves and each other enough to never ever cheat on each other. Integrity is a personal thing. But he knew I wasn’t happy just sitting at home and cooking for him. I was not bored in my marriage. I was bored in the waiting. I don’t know what I was waiting for. I never took my career seriously. Because my career was revolved around my beauty. And I wanted to save my beauty for him. So i stopped posting content. I disappeared from the social world. I cut out

We tried to have a baby but the next morning I panicked.

I wasn’t ready to become a mother. I wanted our child to be built on a healthy foundation, I wanted my child to have a healthy mother without any childhood trauma haunting her and I knew in my gut feeling that such a woman I had certainly not become.

The gap between a fantastic mother and a toxic mother was too large. So I rushed to take a morning-after-pill and we never tried having a baby since. I’m thankful for that because that marriage didn’t work out but thanks to that marriage I know what true love feels like. I want women to put such criteria around their wombs.

You break the generational curses starting from your womb.

adriana lima is a woman who fascinates me every single time I hear her speak or hear something said about her. she is an angel in every sense.

I never doubted my beauty. I know what a beautiful woman I am.

My husband’s, or my ex husband, I have to be used to call him that, my ex husband’s gift to me when we moved in together was a huge mirror.

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